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EDM DJ Based in Los Angeles, CA

Lights at Concert

A journey that has been anything but traditional, filled with profound moments and unexpected collaborations that have shaped Michael into who he is and what he is working towards in the world of music.



  • Bootsy Bellows (West Hollywood, CA)

  • Paris at Night (West Hollywood, CA)

  • INVY Nightclub (Indianapolis, IN)

  • Bleu Nightclub (Westminster, CA)

  • Skybar (West Hollywood, CA)

  • Legacy Nightclub (Newport Beach, CA)

  • Private Parties (West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, CA)

  • The Garden @ Five Buks Drinkery (St. Petersburg, FL)

  • Copper Shaker (Saint Petersburg, FL)

  • The Estate (Saint Petersburg, FL)

  • Eden Downtown (Tampa, FL)

  • Aveda Florida - Happy Hour Webinar Events (FL)

  • Aveda on 3rd - Corporate Parties (St. Petersburg, FL)

  • Gasparilla Pirate Festival Private Event (Tampa, FL)


Michael Wagner is a groundbreaking multi-genre DJ/Songwriter/Guitarist/Composer and Performer who believes that music heals and unites people in a powerful way. With a talent for elevating music to move people, Michael takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, bringing together inspiration from techno to jazz and hip hop to house with an injection of rock-n-roll.

His love for guitar and music evolved into a deep passion for performing as a DJ, which then led him to this journey of creating his own sounds. He is a master at mashups of popular, classic, and house catering to his audience.

When not performing solo, Michael performs as one half of the DJ Duo Pink Dots”.  His performances elevate fans with an unmatched intensity. Michael’s experiences have shaped his artistry and his primary goal in life is to bring joy to others through music. His motto, as inked on his arm, is "Music Heals."

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